Problematic pests can invade even the nicest of properties. If your home or business has been overrun by an invasion of creepy crawlies, Hosterman Home Services is here to rescue you. We’re a full-service, licensed and insured pest control company serving the Fairlawn, Ohio, and Summit County area. We offer our services to both residential and business properties.

Hosterman has over 15 years of experience controlling all the pests common to Northeast Ohio: mice, ants, termites, fleas, roaches, spiders and many other kinds of insects. We even specialize in the removal of bedbugs. Outside of your property, we can make quick work of mosquitos, wasps and hornets. 

Our company uses an integrated pest management approach designed to rid your property of pests while being safe for your health and your pocketbook. We use multiple common-sense practices to target pests at various stages of their lifecycle. We also use the latest in modern pest control techniques and equipment, such as UV lights and biopesticide.

One of the most important factors in an integrated pest management approach is early identification of the threat. The first evidence of rodents often noticed by property owners is small droppings, nests, chewed food and odd noises. Give Hosterman a call as soon as there’s a pest concern as delays will allow the pest to reproduce, making the issue exponentially larger.

Another critical component of integrated pest management is preventing future infestations. That’s why we offer a maintenance plan that provides three external pest treatments and four interior treatments per year.  This maintenance plan allows a pest expert to make multiple trips to your property annually to inspect for pests and apply preventive treatments.

Whether you’re suffering from an active infestation or want to stay one step ahead of nuisance pests, call Hosterman Home Services today to schedule a visit by our expert staff.